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Are you a slave?

Adam’s single act of disobedience flung open the door for sin to enter into the world. Sin has now infected and affected everyone and everything.

God made everything out of nothing. He created the universe, the stars, the earth and everything in it. He even created our first two parents, Adam and Eve. Then, thinking about what he had created, God said that it was “very good” (Gen. 1:31). Unfortunately, things didn’t stay that way for long.

Our first parents—in particular, Adam—rebelled against God and did what he was told not to do. Adam’s single act of disobedience flung open the door for sin to enter into the world. Sin has now infected and affected everyone and everything.

Thankfully, that isn’t the end of the story. Though we may be sinners in this life, that’s not all we are. We are the image bearers of God, who are made saints in Christ.


1 John 1:8; 3:9–10

  • How do we deceive ourselves? (By believing we have no sin.)

  • Can someone born again continue in the same sin as before? (No. Someone who is born of God does not make a practice of sinning. He or she will be convicted of it and be led to repent of it.)
  • Discuss the difference between having sin and being in sin. (A saint does sin. But when a Christian sins, he or she is convicted by the Holy Spirit and is led to repent. This is the difference between having sin and being in sin).
  • Discuss with your family whether there are sins they struggle with on a regular basis, and pray for one another to find freedom from sin in Jesus.


Thank God that he has defeated the power of sin in your life. Ask for his help in having your identity be that of a saint, not a sinner.

This devotion is excerpted from the Who Do You Think You Are? Study Guides with Daily Devotions resource.

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