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How to pray for Mars Hill Church, 3/13/13

We deeply appreciate folks praying for Mars Hill—especially as a family or as a Community Group. This month, all of our churches are preparing for the biggest weekend of the year: Easter Sunday, March 31. We’ve got a ton of moving parts this year, so please pray for volunteers, smooth technology, the sermon, and most of all that lots of people would meet Jesus.

In addition, here are a few more specific ways you can be in prayer:

Mars Hill U-District

The Mars Hill U-District building will be open to college students during finals week as a place to study. Pray that our church would love and serve them well. On Friday, the U-District is hosting a free CD release party/worship night for Citizens’ new self-titled album, with live music from that band and Kings Kaleidoscope. Pray that lots non-Christians would show up and hear Jesus’ gospel through the music.

Mars Hill Albuquerque

Pastor Donovan Medina reports that a lot of people at our Albuquerque church are in need of jobs. Please pray for them. The church is also working hard to develop leaders, so pray for more pastors, deacons, and Community Group leaders.

Mars Hill Portland

Pastor Tim Smith is asking that God will continue to draw people to our church to hear the gospel and learn what it means to find their identity in Jesus. He would like prayer for the church’s pastors and elder candidates, that they would lead leaders well and model repentance and growth as disciples of Jesus.

Mars Hill Sammamish

Pastor Alex Ghioni is going to start a quarterly luncheon to introduce newcomers to Mars Hill Church. He asks for prayer, that this event would become a helpful connection point that encourages guests toward more meaningful participation and commitment as members of our church.

Mars Hill Federal Way

The Federal Way congregation is getting ready to plant Mars Hill Tacoma in the fall. Pray that God would provide the funds and the leaders; we need more men to pursue eldership. Pastor Bubba Jennings is also praying for 30 more Community Group leaders to plant 30 new groups by the summer.

Mars Hill Ballard

Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood is about to see an influx of new arrivals with the completion of various condo and apartment projects. Mars Hill Ballard is praying for God to save the 8,200 people who are expected to move into Ballard in the next couple of years. Pastor Alex Early asks for prayer, that our people would pray and cry out to God and believe he will actually do the things that he has said he will do—like save people and build his church.

Mars Hill Shoreline

Pastor Steve Tompkins and the Shoreline team are working on how to welcome newcomers into the Mars Hill family. Please pray for their efforts. The church is also hoping to use the post-service prayer ministry as a way to build a stronger culture of prayer at Mars Hill Shoreline.

Mars Hill Everett

Please pray that God would provide the right person for the job as we look to hire someone to lead worship at Mars Hill Everett. Also, Pastor Ryan Williams reports that many Russian people have started to attend the church. Pray that the leaders in Everett could bridge the culture gap and get them plugged in to the church. Finally, fundraising continues for the Armory building. We hope to move in this fall, so please pray for provision.

Mars Hill Olympia

A new round of Redemption Groups recently started in Olympia. Pray that Jesus would continually reveal himself to the participants and that they would see him for all that he is. Pray for Pastor Seth Winterhalter as he leads the congregation.

Mars Hill Rainier Valley

Mars Hill Rainier Valley could use prayer for their relatively new 4 p.m. service. They need musicians and volunteers to serve the people attending this growing service. Pray that the people of Rainier Valley would grow more and more passionate about God’s mission in the neighborhood.

Mars Hill West Seattle

Pastor David Fairchild is in search of an executive pastor to help carry the load at our West Seattle church. Please pray that God would call the right man for the job.

Mars Hill Orange County

We could still use a more permanent home for Mars Hill Orange County. Please pray for that. Also, Pastor Nick Bogardus reports that over 50 Community Group leaders and apprentices completed training through the Counseling in Community class, so we praise God for these men and women and their desire to serve God’s people in OC.

Mars Hill Bellevue

Mars Hill Bellevue is our largest church, and they really need more people to respond to the call for volunteers, particularly in the areas of kids ministry, welcome team, and cleaning team. Pastor Thomas Hurst is also praying to see more people reconciled to Christ and to each other within the church body.

Mars Hill Downtown Seattle

Our church in Downtown Seattle will be the epicenter of our Easter celebration this year, so we expect a lot of spiritual opposition and other obstacles as the big day approaches. Please pray for protection, leadership, unity, and a single-minded focus on the mission Jesus has given us.

Central ministries

  • Camp registration for Mars Hill Students is coming up. Pray that lots of middle school and high school students sign up.
  • Applications are now open for ReTrain and the Lead Pastor Residency program—two key programs in our leadership development pipeline. Pray for lots of good applicants, and wisdom for our team as we make selections.
  • Our midweek women’s groups at the local churches are going very well, but childcare is still a challenge. Deacon Hilary Tompkins has requested prayer for more childcare workers to serve in this area.
  • Pray for our HR team as they develop strategies to improve our central operations team.

Thank you for your prayers!

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