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A vision breakfast around the family table

“Jesus said to them, ‘Come and have breakfast.’” John 21:12

On Tuesday of last week, the executive elders gathered together with folks at Mars Hill Sammamish for a vision breakfast via video technology for a total of 377 people across all the local churches. We had a great time connecting with the people there and always love seeing all our other churches.

As one church in 14 locations, we are a family in partnership for the gospel (Phil. 1:3–5). The executive elders feel like parents with 14 kids, and we thank God every day for each one of you.

Thanking the faithful

Moreover, we are thankful that some of our churches are able to steward their resources to help provide for our other churches so that our family can grow. Like Paul in Philippians 4:17, we know they’re not seeking a gift but the fruit that comes from their stewardship. In particular, we would like to thank the following churches: Bellevue, Ballard, Olympia, Sammamish, Shoreline, and West Seattle. These churches are helping support Albuquerque, Downtown Seattle, Everett, Federal Way, Orange County, Portland, Rainier Valley, and U-District. Thank you!

In addition, we’re making progress on our Everett and Tacoma build-outs. We still need to raise $523,334 for Everett and $402,493 for Tacoma. We also ask that you’d be in prayer for new locations in Orange County and Olympia. There’s nothing official yet, but we are looking for permanent homes for those two locations.

Thanking the greater church

We also ask that you’d pray for the other churches around the world that love Mars Hill as well. They do it anonymously and don’t get anything in exchange, but they love Jesus and want to help us and pray for us as much as they can. It’s awesome to see.

I’m so thankful for the faithful people who were able to join our vision breakfast as we seek to be on mission with Jesus together. If you’re interested in attending these breakfasts, please talk to your local pastors to get involved.

Local vision casts

Below are some photos from our churches’ breakfasts along with the vision that the lead pastors cast for their respective churches.


From Pastor Tim Smith:

Mars Hill Portland is at a key stage of growth as we near 800 and look to launch an evening service in the fall. Our greatest need between now and then is more leaders, particularly in the areas of Community Group leadership and coaching. Please pray for wisdom for our leadership as we recruit new leaders, refine systems, and processes and continue to develop the leaders we have.


From Pastor Donovan Medina:

On Tuesday morning, we communicated that the church is a sacred community that has the Triune God uniquely and powerfully living in its midst. Through the work of the Holy Spirit, we are hoping that Mars Hill Albuquerque would be filled, gifted, and fruitful. We ended our time asking God to generously fill us with his Holy Spirit, which led us to a place confession, praise, unity, and joy.


From Pastor Seth Winterhalter:

As Mars Hill Olympia prepares for big changes in 2014, we’re taking note of what good preparation looks like in preparing for what God has in store. In Acts 1:12–14, before the birth of the church and the explosion of growth by the Holy Spirit, we see the 120 disciples gathered together in the upper room all in “one accord” and “devoting themselves to prayer.” The awesome chaos and changes they were thrown into when the church went from 120 to 3,000 on the day of Pentecost and then to over 10,000 a short while after in Acts 4 were handled correctly because their foundation was secure in Jesus and in their devotion to each other. The reason that over 10,000 people were “of one heart and soul” is because of their commitment to each other in the upper room when they were 120. We want to see the same foundation laid at Mars Hill Olympia as we are expecting the Holy Spirit to do the miraculous in the South Sound region in 2014.


From Pastor Alex Early:

At Ballard, I took a few minutes and compared the ancient port city of Nineveh (affluent, pagan) with our city of Ballard. I then talked about Jonah’s reluctance to see those far from God come to faith and repentance and the lengths that God has and will go to in order to get his people totally on his mission, not just writing checks (though that is critically important!) but to invest their lives to lift Jesus up in our city. 

Federal Way

From Pastor Bubba Jennings:

In Federal Way, we gathered at the new Tacoma building. I shared from Romans 12:3–8, highlighting that the Holy Spirit gives spiritual gifts such as contributing in generosity for the glory of God, the building up of the church and the expansion of God’s kingdom. Then we discussed how we are currently raising money for the Tacoma building and working toward planting a region of churches in the South end.


From Pastor Steve Tompkins:

I thanked our folks for caring about Jesus’ church, glory, and mission. Then I shared four things. First, in the near-term we want to stay strong and focused through the summer building our serving teams. In the mid-term (one-year range), I shared our ministry priorities, especially in terms of growing our Community Groups and in developing new leaders at all levels. Thirdly, I shared our long-term vision of growth by seeking a facility with a larger auditorium. Finally, I shared that as we begin the new sermon series on Acts we above all want to be praying for increased experience of the presence of God among us through the Holy Spirit.


From Pastor Alex Ghioni:

Because one the highest hopes and dreams of families on the Plateau is to achieve long-term financial security, we believe we can use the Financial Peace University program as fruitful opportunity for our mission. We want to help believers redeem this goal so they grow in their stewardship as a reflection of their worship of God. Secondly, we want to co-opt the desire of unbelievers for good advice to get financial security to share with them the good news that offers them eternal security.


From Pastor Ryan Williams:

Everett is becoming a regional center, and it is by God’s grace that we are becoming a regional church at this very moment. We need to raise a total of $750,000 to begin services in our new home in the heart of downtown Everett in the Armory. We are asking that everyone in our church would be praying and being generous in this time of fundraising, it will have eternal significance.

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