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Jesus heals women

We’re just gonna let the stories of physical healing keep coming. Today, here are a handful of testimonies of Jesus’ healing in the lives of women in the church. Here’s one Pastor Mark shared in his sermon:

‘The doctor backed out of the room speechless’

My mom, Irene, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis while in her late 30s. She was told that her spine looked like that of a 90-year-old and that she wouldn’t live to see 50 years of age. Crying out to the Lord, God did bring about a miraculous healing within several months, completely healing her body of this disease. When the doctor looked at new spinal X-rays, he simply backed out of the room, speechless, with fear in his eyes, knowing that something unusual had occurred. God’s healing has remained, and my mom is currently an active 74-year-old intercessor to this day!

Downtown Seattle

And here are a few more that people shared that he didn’t get a chance to read:

‘Now I can run’

When I was 10 years old, I broke my ankle and lower leg on the trampoline. A decade later, after six surgeries and many complications, the doctors told me that my ankle would never work well again. Forget running and jumping—sometimes a day of walking would cripple me and I would collapse from the pain. I had a severe limp every morning when I got out of bed. The doctors prescribed a splint to wear at night to ease the tension.

I had a close friend tell me that she strongly believed that God wanted to heal me. Perhaps a year later I went to a very godly Christian’s house, along with my close friend, and this Christian prayed and asked God to heal me. That day my leg felt . . . different. I could bend it farther. I started running, and it didn’t hurt.

Now I can run if I want to. I don’t limp in the mornings. I never wear the splint anymore. I haven’t been to the doctors to see if there is still arthritis, but this I know: my ankle is not the same anymore. It is not perfect, but it is healed.


‘My baby girl was about to die’

When my daughter, Lanna, was 18 months old, she came down with severe spinal meningitis. At that time I hadn’t even heard of meningitis, I only knew that my baby girl was so sick and about to die. She was in a coma, all wired up to machines and quarantined.

Before we heard the official diagnosis, our music pastor came to visit. We all held hands around her hospital crib and he prayed for healing. One day later she said her first words.

The total treatment was 12 days. Her prognosis was, at best, facial paralysis and learning disabilities. We didn’t even know if she would be able to walk. Toward the end of that time, I had several nurses and hospital staff stop by her room to tell me that when she arrived they all thought she would die. I remember the day like it was yesterday that her doctor put her on the floor and had her walk to me.

Today she made a complete recovery and has had no problems at all! As she went through her school age years and college years she was a 4.0 student—no learning disabilities! She now is married to a wonderful man, Brandon, a pastor here at Mars Hill Everett. They have two beautiful little girls and she is raising them to know and love Jesus. God is so good!


‘It was if someone was holding my arm’

One Sunday, I had come late to church, right as the pastor was asking if anyone needed healing. I’d had a knot in my neck that had been bothering me for years and almost every day I had to try and pop my back to get relief. But I thought to myself, Not today, and sat down in the very back of the sanctuary.

A few people were prayed for and then the sermon began. Suddenly but slowly my right shoulder started to move in a circular motion. I was not moving my arm. It was as if someone was holding my arm and stretching it out in different poses, like physical therapy, although I couldn’t feel anything touch my skin. For the remainder of the sermon, about 30 minutes, my arm, neck, and back continued through a series of stretches. A few minutes into this I realized a knot in my right upper back was really being punctuated. By the end of the physical therapy (?) the knot was gone and hasn’t bothered me since.

I have wondered why God would heal me in such an odd way and without me even asking while others pray for major healing that sometimes doesn’t come. But I praise God and I’m very thankful that he took the time to show me that he knew how much that little knot had been affecting me for years. He knows us better than we know ourselves and he cares about even the little things.


‘The doctor rolled her eyes’

Almost two years ago I was rushed to the hospital by ambulance—I had passed out at home with extreme stomach pain and they were having a hard time getting me to respond. I was diagnosed with pancreatic failure and enzyme levels over 10 times the normal.

The prayer requests to my Community Group soon went out, and my son, daughter-in-law, and their whole Community Group soon showed up at the hospital. I was in the ICU and they laid hands on me and prayed for healing. Everyone I knew had been praying for me that night.

The next morning, the doctor came around for morning rounds and she said they had to redo the early morning blood draws as there was something wrong with the readings. She came back a few hours later with my results and said she could not figure out what was going on my enzyme count was at a normal level and there were not any signs that I had even had the failure the night before. She said, “This impossible, I was your attending last night and I was there and saw the results. This makes no sense.” I replied, “Sure it does, there were many people praying for me and their prayers were answered. It is a miracle. It was Jesus. They prayed, he healed.” She looked at me and rolled her eyes, but her assistant looked at me nodded, winked and smiled, mouthing the words “Thank you, Jesus.” I was a very popular gal on the floor that day, and nurses and doctors kept coming in and talking to me and calling me the “miracle lady.”

It’s been two years and all is fine :) Oh yeah I believe in miraculous healings!!!!! Oh yes I do.

–Deacon Jo
Downtown Seattle

‘I felt the rock particles disintegrate’

I was 14 and had just re-committed my life to Jesus after a time of deep depression praying to die after my parents’ divorce. I was on a mission trip near the border of Haiti on the Dominican Republic side. I had gotten some small rock particles on my contact that morning that had scratched my eye and worked their way from my contact to the back portion of my eye. Over the course of the day the pain got more and more intense until my left eye was in a constant state of tears and blurred vision. I hadn’t remembered to pack my glasses or extra contacts, and without the one pair of contacts that had hurt my eye so badly, I would be virtually blind the rest of the trip.

My mission trip team laid hands on me during a worship service around a bonfire. I felt the impression of an invisible hand penetrate my skull and wrap its fingers around my eye. I felt the rock particles disintegrate slowly as warmth surrounded the tissue. Warm tears flowed down my cheek and the pain was gone. The impression of the hand released my eye and slowly pulled out of my skull. I could see clearly again. My young teenage heart praised Jesus more than ever among the rainforest’s mountains.

What a good God we serve!

West Seattle

‘My shorter leg started to grow’

One of my legs was shorter than the other and it caused me to have a lot of pain in my foot (on the longer leg). One night, as I was listening to a friend tell of his own personal healing, I said, “I want that.” My friends started to pray for me and literally, within minutes my shorter leg started to grow. I thought I must be imagining it, but pretty soon someone burst out, “Are you guys seeing this?!” All four of us were “seeing it.” It was awesome.

The foot doesn’t hurt anymore. This “healing critic” was healed :)


Baptisms 6.3.12

‘I felt Jesus wipe away my oppression’

Starting when I was eight years, I started compulsively pulling my hair out (a condition I later found to be called trichotillomania). By the time I was 15, I had pulled every single hair out of my head! I started wearing a wig to cover the shame I had caused myself. On the outside I looked like a healthy, happy teenage girl, but on the inside I was a very depressed, lonely girl who felt tormented by my condition: bound to my sin with no escape. I believed in Jesus but didn’t understand who he was, nor the love, mercy, and grace he displays to his beloved children.

A year and a half ago, I moved to Seattle with my three-year-old daughter and started to attend Mars Hill Church occasionally. Around that same time, I fell into a deep depression and decided one night that, if I couldn’t stop pulling my hair out, I would commit suicide. A friend thankfully led me that night to a sermon series where it talked of Jesus’ love and redemption. The pastor spoke of demons and how Jesus healed people and how he continues to heal people today.

Moved by the sermon, I got down on my knees. I cried out to Jesus, rebuking all the depression, anxiety, and hair-pulling urges out of my body. By the end of my prayer, as I wiped the tears away from my face, I felt Jesus wipe away my oppression. Two days later I shared my testimony with the Ballard church, took off my wig and was baptized in the name of Jesus! I later went home that night and flushed my anti-depressant medication doctors had pushed on me because of the hair-pulling. I haven’t been depressed since! In a couple of months my hair came back, which after 13 years of pulling, is a miracle in itself! Jesus has healed me and I cling to this as my hope!

Downtown Seattle

Baptisms 6.3.12

Baptisms 6.3.12

Chelsea and her daughter today.

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