Frequently Asked Questions

Use of Content

Mars Hill Church (“Mars Hill”) owns and/or maintains the following websites:

These websites are collectively referred to as the “Site”.

We frequently receive requests to use content we make available on the Site from third parties. This includes churches and para-church organizations, media outlets, and individual pastors and teachers. Our specific statement on use of our content can be found as part of our Terms and Conditions. The purpose of this Frequently Asked Questions page is to respond to the most commonly received requests. If there is any conflict between the responses to these FAQs and the Terms of Use, our Terms of Use control. If you don’t see your questions answered here, please email

Under no circumstances can you use any content on the Site for commercial advantage or private monetary compensation. This means you can’t sell our content and you can’t use it to market or advertise anything you are selling.

Under what circumstances can we use content we find on the Site?

You may use and share, through social media websites, sermons, articles, blogs, and other material purposely made available by Mars Hill for downloading from the Site, as long as you (1) do not remove any proprietary notice language included on, or incorporated into, the material, (2) use the material only for your personal, non-commercial informational purpose and, except to share through social media websites (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, etc. with the exception of YouTube and other video sharing sites.), do not copy or post the material on any networked computer or broadcast it in any media, (3) make no cuts or modifications to any material or make any derivative works from any materials and (4) not make any additional representations or warranties relating to the material. Sermons and other videos made available by Mars Hill may not be downloaded and posted to YouTube, Vimeo, or other video sharing sites, even if posted in their entirety. 

Can we play Mars Hill Church sermons as a substitute for live teaching in our church?

We want to be generous with our content and ensure we are not allowing Pastor Mark to be the de facto pastor of an unhealthy or heretical church by preaching every Sunday. So, if you want to use Pastor Mark's sermon videos every, or nearly every Sunday, then the answer is “No.” For that to occur your church would need to become a Mars Hill church, and we are glad to consider that. If upon occasion your church or class wants to show one of Pastor Mark's sermons in their entirety without any editing, you can if you (i) are an Acts 29 Church; (ii) are a Mars Hill Campaign church or (iii) get approval from Mars Hill Church.

If I use material from one of Pastor Mark’s sermon’s do I need to cite him as the source of that material?

Yes. If you don’t cite him, you are plagiarizing. If you use content from one of Pastor Mark’s sermons or from one of his books, you need to attribute the content (whether it is a quote or paraphrase) to Pastor Mark. Also, even though we make transcripts available of our sermons, this does not mean you can take the transcript and deliver the sermon as though it is your own. This too is plagiarism.

The same answer applies to your use of sermon content from any other pastors and any of our blog posts.

What if I want to edit one of the sermons I found on the Site and include a clip of it on a website that I own or maintain or as part of a ministry. Is that acceptable?

No. You are not allowed to edit any of the content found on the Site. This includes sermons and blogs. If we have released a clip of a sermon, you can use that clip.

Can I have permission to translate sermons or blogs into a foreign language?

We currently translate all our sermons into Spanish. We are in the process of launching Mars Hill Global through which we will translate and distribute much of the content you find on the Site into multiple foreign languages. If you have any translation requests, please send them to

Can I link to or repost one of the blog posts I found on the Site to my blog?

You are free to include a link on your blog to the Site on which the blog post you are interested in appears. You cannot cut and paste the blog post on your blog.

Can I use Mars Hill art, graphics, intro videos, and/or logos for my sermons?

No. At present, we don’t have the time or money to package and provide these materials to other churches, home groups, etc. Our hope is to one day provide other churches and ministries with access to the art we develop, but in the meantime everything that we have to offer is available in our Media Library and subject to the Terms of Use. We do offer some artwork in the form of free desktop wallpaper (for example, Peasant Princess downloads and Death By Love downloads). In addition, if you signed up for Mars Hill Church Campaigns, you will be given access to some of our art and graphics.

Does Mars Hill sell CDs or DVDs of sermons?

No, we provide files online for free. Burning these files to CD or DVD is perfectly fine as long as your use of the sermon content is consistent with our Terms of Use, but do not sell them.


Can I interview Pastor Mark Driscoll?

If you’re a member of the media, our PR coordinator would be happy to help you. Please visit our online pressroom for more information. Extensive information about Pastor Mark’s experience, background, and viewpoints is also available online and expressed throughout his books, website, and sermons.

I have a question about life/theology/Mars Hill/etc. How can I contact Pastor Mark?

Due to high demand, Pastor Mark cannot fulfill requests for personal appointments, advice, etc. If you’d like his opinion on a specific matter, we recommend using the “Search” feature in our comprehensive Media Library. For those who attend Mars Hill Church, other pastors and Community Groups are great sources of information. Please contact your church if you need help.

Can Pastor Mark come speak at our church or our event? 

Please submit a speaking request form.


Can I get a tour of Mars Hill Church and meet with staff?

We receive a large number of requests from pastors and other church leaders who would like to visit Mars Hill Church and interact with staff, and unfortunately we cannot accommodate everyone. You are welcome to drop by for an informal visit to experience a Mars Hill service and see how we do church. Visit the Acts 29 website and the Resurgence for additional ministry training opportunities.

I’d like to offer Mars Hill Church the opportunity to host my event.

Whom do I talk to? Thank you for the offer, but we are not looking for event ideas.

Can I conduct an opinion poll or distribute materials among Mars Hill members?

In order to respect the privacy, the security, and the worship of our congregants, during church events we do not facilitate third party solicitation of any kind on Mars Hill premises.


Can Mars Hill Church sponsor me?

While Mars Hill Church does not grant sponsorship or endorsement requests, you’re welcome to discuss your need with your Community Group and/or church pastor.

Can you recommend a church in another state?

One of our partner ministries is the Acts 29 Church Planting Network. All of the churches in this network have a theology and ministry philosophy that is similar to Mars Hill. If you’re looking for a good church, the Acts 29 website is a great place to start.

Can you recommend some good books that will help me grow in my understanding of Jesus, the Bible, church, etc.?

An extensive list of recommended reading is available on the Resurgence,, and on Mars Hill Church Books.

You haven’t answered my question—who can I ask now?

If your question relates to use of Mars Hill content from the Site, email Otherwise, email to obtain a comprehensive list of Mars Hill contacts.

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