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FAQ: Internships

How long is a Mars Hill Internship?

Internships are a total of 14 months long and begin with a three-month trial period.

How many hours a week will my internship be?

Interns will serve 25 hours a week doing ministry and should estimate 5-10 hours a week in addition to that for training, study, and additional requirements. We also want to ensure interns are taking a day off to rest each week.

What happens during the three-month trial period?

The trial period allows time for interns to become familiar with their ministry assignment and make sure that the internship is a good fit for both the intern and the church or department. It is not uncommon for the first couple of months of an internship to be filled with excitement. As time passes, the challenges of ministry surface and start to expose idols of the heart. Intern sponsors will get to know the interns more during the trial period, provide feedback and witness how interns are responding to the trials, living a life of repentance, and growing in dependence on the Holy Spirit. If an intern is not demonstrating commitment, integrity, and humility they may not be accepted to continue with the internship.

Why are the Internships 14 months?

We want to provide every opportunity possible for our interns to grow in their personal relationship with Jesus, in their practical ministry experience, and in learning what it means to make disciples. That requires a lengthy but worthwhile time commitment from church leaders and interns. The last two months of your internship will be a Discipleship Practicum where you will have the opportunity to train and develop the new interns as they get oriented and you prepare to hand off your responsibilities.

Does it cost anything to be an intern?

The cost of discipleship is great, but you will not be charged any money to be a Mars Hill intern. Inasmuch as it is possible, we try to give generously to our interns because Jesus gives generously
 to us.

Who can be an intern?

Internships are open to men and women who are at least 18 years old, go through the membership process of Mars Hill Church by the end of the trial period, and meet the following qualifications:

CALLING - Acts 20:28
From pastors to intern, the Holy Spirit is the one who calls and empowers leaders within the church. The first question you need to ask of yourself is, “Am I called by God to be an intern at Mars Hill Church for this next season in my life?”

CHARACTER - 1 Timothy 3:8-13
Those called by God to do an internship will be equipped by God to qualify as an intern. We’re looking for men and women that already meet the qualifications of a deacon set forth in 1 Timothy 3. In addition to those mentioned in 1 Timothy, humility is a keystone character trait for those called to be an intern.

COMPETENCY - 2 Timothy 2:2
An intern will be humble, teachable, and able to grow in their giftedness. There will be past and present indicators of faithfulness and fruitfulness in the gospel. The testimony of others who know the intern will be consistent with his or her own claims.

I am not a US Citizen—Can I still apply for an internship?

We are currently not able to accept international applicants for the 2014-2015 internship program. If you have questions please email intern@marshill.com

Where are Mars Hill Churches?

Interns may serve at the central departments or any of the Mars Hill Church locations. Use the dropdown to view all our church locations and find out more about each specific church.

What will my ministry assignment be?

Every ministry department will be accepting interns. Your placement will depend primarily on ministry needs as well as your interests, gifts, skill set, calling, interview process, and the discernment of the intern sponsor.

Central Offices
  • Creative & Communications – Creative Design, Website, Blogs, and Video Editing
  • Property – Consulting and implementing facility maintenance across churches
  • The Resurgence – Events, Bookstores, Website, and Design
  • Human Resource – Employment Processes, Health Care Benefits, and Business Operations
  • Development – Design/Build for strategic developments, Architectural, Production Technology, and Portable Church System
  • Information Technology – Providing great networks, technology, and support for staff and volunteers
  • Leadership Development – Work with local churches in the development of members, interns, deacons, and elders
Local Churches
  • Operations – Facilities, Hospitality, Welcome Team, Membership, Events, and Finance
  • Worship & Productions – Bands, Stage Management, Video, Sound, Lighting, and Editing
  • Media & Communications – Blogs, Creative Development, Video, and Design
  • Biblical Living – Community Groups, Counseling, Redemption Groups, and Mercy Ministry
  • Biblical Families – Kid’s Ministry, RED (students), Marriage, and Parenting

What kind of training will I receive?

Interns receive training in theology, practical ministry, and spiritual growth. All training is fueled by four key components: Reformed Theology; Complimentarianism; Missional; Spirit-Led. For more on this, check out the Mars Hill Annual Report.

Where are previous interns now?

Some of our interns have become paid staff, church pastors, or Acts29 church planters. The training and discipleship that you receive as an intern will prepare and equip you in profound ways for the role that God calls you to whether it is in business, marriage, parenting, or full-time ministry.

Do interns become paid staff after the internship?

It’s absolutely true that some of our best hires have been interns, but a job shouldn’t be expected and it’s never a guarantee. We are looking for people that want to be on mission with what God is doing in and through Mars Hill Church, whether that leads to job in the church or not. If you enter into a season of ministry as an intern and expect to be rewarded with a job, you will be frustrated.

What are the housing options for interns?

There are many options for housing:

Find your own housing

The most common option is for our interns to take the initiative and find a place to live. This option makes the most sense for interns who are married and have children. A lot of our single interns get a place together. We do not recommend that you live alone. Prices vary if you get your own place, but typically you can expect $600 for a studio, $750 for a one-bedroom apartment, $900 for a two-bedroom, $1100-1400 for three-bedroom.

Find a roommate on The City or Craigslist

The City is our online social networking tool. It is common to find people who need roommates in the Marketplace. Craigslist is also a good place to find roommates, but we suggest you use caution and wisdom when choosing who to live with.

Housing sponsors

In some cases there are members at the different MHC churches that have graciously offer to provide housing for interns. This is not the norm, but it does happen. If you want to try for this option you can ask about it during your church or department interview.

MHC owned housing

Some of our churches own houses nearby which are used for intern housing. Spaces are limited and interns will only move into housing after the three-month trial period. If this option is available it will be discussed during your interview.

Will I be paid for my internship?

Internships at Mars Hill Church are unpaid. That means our interns need to develop a plan as to how they will financially support themselves during their internship and still have a day off to rest each week. This is especially true for interns who have a family to support (spouse and children). It is up to the intern to determine how much money he/she needs to survive. A part of the assessment phase of the application process involves making sure applicants have a plan in place for their finances.

More questions?

Please contact intern@marshill.com

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